Dear pilgrims and Marian devotees!

The Pilgrim Association of Heroldsbach e .V. was founded nearly six decades ago and is recognised as a non profit making organisation.

Since its founding on 4 January 1953, the Association has been promoting the authenticity of the apparitions of the Queen of Roses in Heroldsbach.

As an Association we support the Sanctuary through volunteers, money and material resources. We inform the pilgrims on history and development of the Sanctuary, we present news clips and other pictorial evidence on the times of the apparition, and organise talks by well-informed speakers. On prior notification, we can also arrange for guided tours around the extensive terrain of the apparition site.

Until his death Mr. Norbert Langhojer (deceased on 04.05.1997) was the association’s chairman. Under his leadership the “>> Pilgrim’s House” and in 1985 also the large pilgrimage church was built in the seventies, in honour of the “Queen o f Grace”.

The various constructions on the apparition site of Heroldsbach were erected mainly with the help of contributions, endowments and donations of members and supporters of the pilgrims’ association.
When in 1997, talks with a Commission of the Archdiocese of Bamberg took place, with the aim of establishing a church recognised “Place of Prayer” (Gebetsstätte) or Sanctuary, the Pilgrim’s Association introduced all it’s property into the newly established foundation.

The Association’s current chairman, Mr Christoph Langhojer, is a member of the Foundation Board and represents the interests of Association Members.

For the foreseeable future as well, the Association intends to work towards an official recognition of the apparitions of the Queen of Roses of Heroldsbach. The Pilgrim Association’s mission is laid down in its Articles of Association. Above all the members try to fulfil the most important desire of the Mother of God for prayer and penance.
Let us trust the words of the Queen of Grace, which she spoke at the time to the visionary girls:

I am always here, even if you do not see me anymore!